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You can download your self-evaluation here.

Articulation Self-Evaluation

After you complete the self-evaluation, review your results with the score chart in our Help For Denture Wearers, 30 Day Course - this will identify the exact exercises you need to practice over the coming weeks to re-train your lips, tongue, teeth and jaw.

Amazed at the possibilities? You owe it to yourself to take the full course and transform YOUR articulation this month!

Surprise Bonus 1

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Surprise Bonus 2 

Get a pdf copy of my book Breathe! 7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward - and discover how to add power and impact to your voice as well!

Help For Denture Wearers - 30 Days to Clear Communications

Simple exercise that get you back to sounding as wonderful as you look with your new dentures!

Denture Wearers: 30 days to Clear Communications